• Had we kept seniors in mind while designing a Package?

    Being Packaging professional have we ever thought of the problems faced by elderly people while designing a package, especially medicines. There are lot many surveys which are done time to time for finding the answer of this question.

  • Think out of Box

    Everyday most of us spend at least 5 minutes to think, what we are going to wear today? Why we waste these precious 5 minutes? Have you ever think…

    I think the answer is …”To make ourselves stand out of the crowd, selection of clothes is very crucial. So this workout of 5 min is worth it.”

  • Top Institutes providing Packaging Courses

    We generally heard people talking about best B schools, best engineering colleges, best Medical institutes but we never heard people talking about the best Packaging institutes. Why so? Is there no scope for packaging technology in industry? Or there is lack of packaging institute? Or People don’t have awareness about such courses?

  • Top 5 E-Commerce Packaging Solutions

    With increasing online consumer base there is unprecedented growth in the e-Commerce sector. Due to surging nature of this industry there is strong competition among e-Commerce companies who are putting strong efforts in winning consumer faith by various means such as Innovating customer touch points, providing seamless and rapid delivery services, regular updates on order status and tracking details, providing convenient and frustration free packs to make consumer happy and many others.

  • Printing Does Selling!!!

    Printing--The Forms


    Qualitatively, most of us talk about sustainable ecosystem, environment friendliness & clean environment, but quantitatively there is still a big question……Are we really sustainable?? Are we doing activities, which are everlasting? In fact, do we really know the meaning of this word Sustainability?

  • Lenticular Printing and 3D Printing

    We all must have seen animation in printed images such as winking of eyes, dancing image, changing graphics - commonly told by people as 3D effect but actually it is lenticular effect. This effect is nothing but in actual manner, it is a specialised image generated with the help of a specialised printing process known as Lenticular Printing and the substrate used in the process is Lenticular sheets or Lenticular Lens.

  • Oversized Package Under Axe

    A perfect example of Consumer awareness was witnessed when a consumer lodged a complaint against Cincinnati-based consumer giant P&G for violating California’s slack fill law, resulting P&G to shell out $850,000 towards civil penalties and costs. Moreover, Company is forced to change packaging of its entire line of Olay skin-care products as part of a settlement with California prosecutors, who had accused the company of misleading consumers by selling jars of face cream in packaging that was at times much larger than the contents.