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We have started our Adoption programme to increase the sales of packaging companies. We would be adopting 5 such companies and would promote their business free of charge and that too globally.

Mr. Ashok Chaturvedi, founder, chairman and managing director, Uflex, spoke at INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT FOR PACKAGING INDUSTRY (ISPI) on 28th October as a keynote speaker. During his speech Mr. Chaturvedi shared his personal experience about his China Visit, issues faced by flexible packaging industry due to implication of latest government rules, present and future of flexible industry in terms of innovations.

To understand specifically how we can collaborate with our Packaging Champions (raw material manufacturers, suppliers, converters, user companies and end users) we have created this survey. We eagerly wait to know your suggestions on teaming up -

Packaging seems to be a simpler technology from outside, but we can say that Grass is always greener on the other side and the one who is actually connected to this technology can only tell you the complexity associated. If I try to explain packaging knowledge in one line, then the famous quote serves the purpose:

Ever since rolled out and spreading it's knowledge based quality content, we have had several packaging enthusiasts, professionals, career seekers in packaging contributing their interesting articles, comments and views. But there was always a gap between packaging jobs market and mentoring of these packaging enthusiasts. From this realisation, Sandeep Goyal, CEO & Packaging Enthusiast took this key and defining issue in packaging industry as an opportunity to bridge the gap between packaging jobs market. This is how evolved with this unique idea of having Jobs & Mentoring in a single platform.


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