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Yato Dharmastato Jaya (Sanskrit: यतो धर्मस्ततो जयः) a Sanskrit shloka is true for packaging too!

Yato Dharmastato Jaya (Sanskrit: यतो धर्मस्ततो जयः) a Sanskrit shloka. and it means that "Where there is adherence to right action, there [alone] lies victory!"  Same is true in business ethics to be successful.

Some people say we got to be practical as they come with the arguments that an omelette can not be made without breaking eggs. But this could be true for omelettes but not for the victory. We strongly believe that this also holds true for the packaging of various products. If we overpack any product with extra packaging then it doesn't really help and has an adverse impact on our environment. So if we simply relook at various packaging for so many products, I am sure a lot could be reduced.

For example, we see big blisters for small memory cards or so many electronic items. Removing this big blisters can would lead to bi elimination of packaging.

So there is no need to put extra packaging just to increase the packaging business, there are enough products which need packaging solutions to protect themselves and we should then direct our energy towards those ignored products or ignored markets.



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    Comment: Wow! Beautifully explained

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