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Wind of change : The future is in the air at PackagingConnections

Do you know the song Listen to Wind of Change? It’s the song by the group Scorpio formed in Germany. This was written in 1989 and the album was published in 1990. This happened when Berlin wall came down, communism went away from USSR etc. So many changes and so the group was highly impressed and wrote this song. We at are quite impressed by this song and if you do not know, please listen here:  

There is also a Chinese Wisdom: 

If the wind of change is blowing, some build the protection walls, others build windmills.
So here is our message that changes are happening at and you would have already started noticing them if not then you will soon see them. We are buliding packaging windmill called to share the latent power of packaging with all our packaging community. We beleive that this latent power of packaging would benefit humans to protect products and improve the life. You are most welcome to distribute further our newsletters, send us your feedback anytime.  

The latest change if the Big Book of Packaging, for more details

We would keep you updated with the changes happening here so that you can listen to the winds of change and enjoy. This is for you to enjoy.

Happy blowing the wind of change!

Sandeep Goyal
Founder & CEO