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Why no to plastics?

But why can’t NGT or various municipalities work kn creating collection and recycling infrastructure, simply banning is the band aid solution but not the permanent solution, in fact it leads to more corruption. It is also spoiling #swachhbharat mission and I wonder what is national premier packaging institute doing?

​I think we need to form a sincere NGO by packaging and plastics professionals to address this issue. Developed nations like Europe, US use much more plastics per capita than we developing/emerging nations but we have all the problems, the real issue is we only look at one side of doing good business but not in totality.

​The premier national packaging and plastics institute who are not sincere to resolve such issues should be questioned and have to be accountable. Plastics institures can not simpy teach plastics and run away or packaging institutes simply tell how to use but nothing more on disposable should also be accontable. The sustainability has to be part of curriculum