Ultra Thin Lotion Bottle: http://www.muji.net/lab/fitness80/en/

Ultra Thin Lotion Bottle: http://www.muji.net/lab/fitness80/en/

There is an old Japanese saying that goes "Eat in measure and defy the doctor." It simply means eating moderately or stopping eating before you feel totally stuffed is good for your health; just good old common sense when you think about it. The deeper meaning of the proverb lets us know the key to a healthy life is to eat an adequate or fit amount; and hints that by exercising a little self-restraint, if we reduce our measure from 100% to say 80%, rather than a joyless exercise in excessive self-control, we will create a joyful, balanced and healthy life.

Many people in Japan have taken the Great East Japan Earthquake on 11 March 2011 as a wakeup call. The aftermath of the earthquake only served to underline the awareness of truly appreciating the many wonderful things we take for granted in our daily lives. Increasing concern about our excessive consumption of goods and materials, as well as an over emphasis in the media on encouraging excessive consumption has been growing; the consumer society is in danger of consuming itself, and we now have a responsibility to return such out of control human desire to a more sustainable level.

Ultra thin lotion bottle









A face lotion that is as close to water as possible.

90% of this face lotion is water.
Rather than being concerned about complicated ingredients,
the focus is entirely on the purity of its contens.
Like the lotion, the ultra thin container uses the least possible materials.







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