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Top 50 Innovative Meat Packaging

Innovative Meat Packaging Meat Industry is one of the oldest and growing across the world. The globalisation has been one of the major factors in rapid growth in this sector. With the increasing demand for meat products the demands for quality and attractive meat packaging has also risen. Though the demand is rising but the sector is still scattered and getting information is a real challenge Our idea behind this book was to bring recent innovations in the meat packaging to the packaging professionals and companies in the meat sector. This will give the much needed information in one book which will give manufacturers a wide range of Innovative packaging to work with.


The book features innovation in various packaging materials and systems. Food packaging is an integral part of food processing and a vital link between the processor and the eventual consumer for the safe delivery of the product through the various stages of processing, storage, transport, distribution and marketing. The meat and meat products can generally be classified as fresh meat, frozen meat, cured meat, thermo processed meat and dehydrated meat products. The packaging requirements could vary across these product groups.


All over the world, the consumers are showing greater awareness towards food packaging as it provides awareness on the quality quantity and the hygienic standards. The selection of the packaging material has to be done very carefully to protect the different physicochemical properties like nature of pigments, sensory attributes and micro flora. meat packagingThe purpose is to retard or prevent the main deteriorative change and make the products available to the consumers in the most attractive form. However, initial quality of the meat has to be very good because packaging can only maintain the existing quality of meat or delay the onset of spoilage by controlling the factors that contribute to it. The product, therefore, is only protected for a limited period determined by the system that is used. Thus, meat and meat products need a specialised package profile depending upon the type of processing, condition of storage and distribution. The global demand for meat is growing, particularly in China and India, which could see an 80% boom in the meat sector by 2022 due to a new (and growing) middle class. Africans are also starting to eat more meat, though the supply and demand are still not quite what they are in other parts of the world. There is also a growing demand for processed, packaged, convenience and ready-to-eat or ready-to-serve meat products that require minimal preparation.

According to a report (August 2014), India is the largest producer of buffalo meat (3.7 MT in 2013) and the second largest producer of goat meat (0.16 MT in 2013). It is world’s third largest egg producer (6.1 million) and sixth largest producer of broiler meat (2.39 million tonnes) The emerging markets are showing great promises in the meat sector, to leverage this innovations in packaging is vital. This book covers major packaging innovation in the Meat sector in various categories like Trays, Lids, Label etc.  

Book Title: Innovative Meat Packaging

Paperback: 130 pages

Publisher: Sanex Packaging Connections Pvt Ltd

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1508936218

ISBN-13: 978-1508936213

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    Comment: Innovations and new ideas are the constant need of any organization or its products. Meat industry in India has a huge potential for packaging innovations. This book will give the industry the top 50 packaging innovation across the globe to work on. Buy at amazon or contact us at

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