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Top 5 Packaging Instruments used in the Rigids’ Packaging section of the CPG/FMCG industry

1. Wall Thickness Gauge, WTG - To measure the thickness of the bottles (PET/PP/HDPE/PVC) across various peripheries / curvatures, the wall thickness gauge is used on the wide scale in the industry.

2. Universal Testing Machine, UTM - To measure the top load of bottles and the flip opening/closing force of the snap fit caps, primarily, the Universal Testing Machine is used.

3. Torque Tester, TT - To measure the torque required to open a closed cap of bottles, the Torque Tester is extensively used.

4. Standing Vernier Caliper, SVC - To measure the height of the bottles at various positions, the Standing Vernier Caliper is used.

5. Vacuum Leak Tester, VLT - To ensure that the final bottle designed is free from any leakage, the Vacuum Leak Tester is used.