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Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

'Stay hungry stay foolish' is the book by rashmi bansal that i just finished reading. Its the great inspiring story of iip ahmedabad gradyates who have made a difference being enterpreneurs. Since i also became an offical enterpreneur after leaving pepsico and so had been reading alot about enterpreneurs. When i heard about this book and their success stories, i was impressed and read the whole book. After reading the book i find that all the graduates had the gerat ides or thinking of doing something good, big and challenged the conventional thinking. But the fact is almost all of them became successful when they got real financial support, they used their iip network to connect. So to me it lloks that iip did impart the great analytical education so they did not fail but they had not been able to generate money from their ideas to sustain their ideas. They did need vc funding or angel funding or someone supporting them financially and then they knew how to widely use the money to prove the point. So now my question is that can we not succeed with iip education and with financial support? is one such initiative that is trying to connect packaging decision makers acroos the globe and does not have any financial support.  I really do not find any vc in india who is looking forward to support good ideas but they are probably looking for safe bets, banks again are no real different. I do have my alumni iip's network but that is still developing and not quiyte like iims on the top. So what do you think we should do to make the a real packaging meeting point whe we have no money? Any inoovative idess????? 



  • deepakvkadamgmail February 22, 2010 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: Dear Mr Sandeep Good day! Who will be VC ?  Answer is simple the person who is  having faith and confidence in new idea and who can see the future. What I feel we must start our own  financial Institution who will support the new Idea  and will help the people  to become the entrepreneur.  We can produce more Infosys if we support the right idea and right  people.  If you take initiative then we all IIP alumni will support it to acheive it.  We can discuss this with separate forum  where we can take the inputs from other people and  draw the basic model of the  Financial institute. Deepak V Kadam          

  • B.Sivasankaran February 22, 2010 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: Dear Friends, In the present we may not fund the innovater and help them to grow.But in my view who ever having the capacity to provide a place for their produst test and give a chance to prove them. This will give a chance to get confidence on their innovation as well as a small token to show their products in the market. The best example is in our culture from our Rajastani bussiness community.How they support their fellow person to grow on their field and once he grown it is his moral duty to raise the other one.That way we as a community, we have to give a chance to our fellow men to come up! Any comments Sivasankaran.B

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