Purposes of Product Packaging

Purposes of Product Packaging

Packaging is the process of wrapping the goods and products in order to protect, preserve, deliver or handle them. It is done by using various materials like glass, paper, metal, paperboard, plastic, etc. Role of packaging is gaining worth and it includes various functions like attracting customer attention, promotional purposes, providing machine identification, displaying additional information, etc. The types of packaging used are primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.

The significance of packaging can be seen in any supermarket or store today. Some products are hardly packaged while some are thoroughly packaged and can be opened only with the help of scissors. This step is essential so that the product is barred from contamination and wastage from its journey of production to usage. It is also necessary to sell the products efficiently and protect them from getting damaged during the shipping process.

Following are the vital purposes of product packaging:

         The foremost objective is to preserve the product. Using air tight cans and jars is an imperative step in food processing and packaging ensures that the food is free from getting into contact with any deadly microorganisms. Thus, packaging extends the shell life of food products. Fragile items are also protected if they are shrink wrapped or bubble wrapped.

         Some products are packaged as it is a prerequisite to wrap them. The products can be sold loosely because of their shape and consistency. For instance, liquid products like milk and others like sugar, salt, cereals, rice, teal leaves, etc. cannot be sold unless they are wrapped into a single container. Same is the case with powdered laundry components like detergents.

         Stacking the product becomes easy if it is packaged. Any odd – shaped product can be easily displayed if it is wrapped. Round, asymmetrical objects, can be stacked, only when they are finely wrapped. Even small objects are kept assembled if they are wrapped.

         Packaging can take many attractive forms to gain the attention of customers. This is particularly seen in places like supermarkets where a brand has to compete with several brands. Companies choose best designs of packaging to get ahead of their competitors. The product has to have an eye-catching design in order to see boosting sales. The ‘look good’ factor is a must.

         Packaging the product is also vested in the interest of customers as they get used to see brands of their choice in its particular form. Thus, it becomes convenient for them to select and use the product.

         Many health care and pharmaceutical products can endanger lives when not packaged. Therefore, packaging is essential to prevent any catastrophe like accidental spillage that can lead to dangerous, life- taking situations.

         Packaging displays necessary care and information related to the usage of products. It warns the customers about any hazards for misuse, product contents, etc.

         Wrapping the products prevents them from any type of breakage, leakage, spoilage, tampering and theft. It also prevents product changes due to germs, dust, dirt and moisture.

         Transportation becomes convenient when products are packaged. The retailer and consumer get them in their original condition if they are leaving the warehouse in a well wrapped state.

         Traditional advertising surely gives any company satisfying returns but not an over the edge profit. Thus, effective packaging of a product, by using various colors and illustrations, differentiates it from its competitors. Only then is it noticed by the buyer. Companies find investment in packaging more beneficial than in advertising.

As a result, packaging has become an integral part for buying any product. It is imperative for any company to get maximum out of its products by employing best professionals and companies to highlight its products.

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