PP Vials' Benefits

PP Vials' Benefits


  • No breakage
  • No pre-wash
  • Large weight reduction
  • Requires less space
  • Can be incinerated
  • Production flexibility - smaller/cheaper moulds are possible

While borosilicate glass has long been the packaging material of choice for drugs administered by injection, plastic is making inroads in certain applications - such as emergency medicine - due to glass fragility issues. In other sectors, the material is gaining momentum as a viable alternative to glass vials for a variety of reasons. An immediate comparison between the price for a vial made from plastic and a similar vial made from glass will show that the purchase price for a glass vial is lower than for a plastic vial. However, looking  at the total costs from purchase to the filled product you will in most cases find that plastic vials are the most economical solution. The reason is that glass vials require pre-washing by sterile water and drying before filling. Plastic vials produced and packed under correct hygienic conditions do not require this operation. Also, breakage resistance of plastic and the inertness of plastic, can give them an advantage in the market.

More details at http://www.packagingconnections.com/hptindia/

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