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Poverty in Packaging and PackagingConnections in 2014

Hello friends of Packaging

It has been a roller coaster ride for us in 2014 but we enjoyed the wonders of packaging through various adventurous routes. We strongly felt that there is a huge poverty in packaging knowledge sharing and so we continue to fill that gap with our limited resources. It can be easily summed up in the following lines:

 ”Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.    -       Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken


To give you the summary of some of the achievements, please note the following;

 1.     Suppliers Process Capability Assessment : It involved more than 3 continents, 10+ Countries for a top  Pharmaceutical company in Europe for primary packaging material and was managed Offsite successfully.

2.     Interpack 2014: PackagingConnections participated at Interpack 2014 with a bang! Own stall as exhibitors and main motto of global presence for PackagingConnections. Complete team participation. Highlight of 2014!

3.     PackagingConnections Mascot: Savvy launched at Interpack 2014!

4.     Social Networking: PackagingConnections broke its own records yet again! More than 200% raise in Facebook  Likes(50000+), Twitters followers(1000+), and LinkedIn(14000+) members in just 12 months.

5.     Innovation Books: Published 7 Innovations books with around 600 innovations on Packaging. One of the most talked about in 2014!

6.     Vinstar: Content marketing agreement for their  innovative range of wine caps. Vinstar is part of Herti group,

7.     Support to foreign Packaging company programme: Signed up with EMA Pharma, France to offer aluminium seals for injectable market in India

8.     Benchmarking Projects: To find out retail packaging scenario on India’s retail shelves and suggestions to improve visibility for FMCG Multinational at Multiple sites. Successfully completed

9.     Packaging Optimization Project: This was for secondary packaging for leading pharmaceutical and also for India’s top FMCG giant. Successfully completed

So all this happened due to high confidence of the lovely team of PackagingConnections having confidence to meet any packaging challenges and offering innovative solutions all the time.

We thank you for your support and guidance all the time and wish you a great 2015

Enjoy the Wonders Of Packaging!


Sandeep Kumar Goyal Founder & CEO