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Pocket Friendly Perfume

8th April 2019 - Product focus - PACTO

What comes first in our mind when we listen this word PERFUME? “Fragrance”. And when we give a thought about its packaging, we imagine a classy glass bottle with an innovative shape, design, cap and what not….

But when it comes to carry it while travelling, well, we may end up thinking number of ways to carry this glass bottle and save it from any damages or we may even end up not carrying it at all.

Ever thought of carrying your perfume with you in your pocket for using it anytime and anywhere? Yes, it is possible with Aptar’s new product range - PACTO

This new packaging format is of convenient size to fit anywhere in small spaces. This comes in varied colours to compliment the style, is free from any mess, no dripping and overall gives a smart look and appeal to your product. Net sprays in 25ml product is equivalent to 350 sprays, lasts longer, hence, gives value for money.

Not only for perfume, this technology can be implemented for diverse range of products such as facial sprays, toner, cosmetic spray, makeup remover, automotive (freshness sprays), room freshener, deodorant, and similar products.

Aptar supplies this product as an assembly of three components:

1. Bottle + Shoulder cap assembly (1) 
2. Pump module with tube
3. Actuator assembly (blue color)

So, this product PACTO complements to the subject - Pocket Friendly. First, it is a small sku that means less cost (pocket friendly) than that of bigger variants. Second, it fits into your pocket perfectly.

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  • Ayush Agrawal April 08, 2019 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: One more feather in Aptar's cap! Seems the packaging format will disrupt the CPG market!

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