Lenticular Printing and 3D Printing

We all must have seen animation in printed images such as winking of eyes, dancing image, changing graphics - commonly told by people as 3D effect but actually it is lenticular effect.

Oxo Biodegradation – An imperative solution for packaging waste

What is oxo biodegradation? The term ‘oxo-biodegradation’ is a hybridization of two words, oxidation and biodegradation. It defines clearly a two-step process initiated in by the additive to degrade the polymer chain (break up) and make it available for biodegradation within the environment when a treated item has finished its useful life.

Hidden Cost of Packaging

It is rightly said that packaging is the cloth for products & it makes your product stand out from the competition. Well but, how can we find out that how much our packaging costs? What is the importance of packaging? What is the right packaging for a product?

VCI - Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor: A need for secured packaging

What is VCI? VCI - Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor VCI provides anti-corrosive metal protection to address the corrosive nature of ferrous and non-ferrous metal products. A unique multi-metallic VCI concentrate for plastic and paper application. VCI is the environmentally preferred corrosion protection for metal components.

Tuck in Box

Used for shipping and storage of different shaped medium and large siz

Shree Padamanabha Swamy temple: Prasadam packaging

Its interesting that Aravana Prasadam is being packed and given in Tin cans at the temple.

Packaging Jobs - Challenges And Solutions

In whichever industry we are – fmcg, pharma, automotive, household, home care and personal care and so on; we constantly strive towards next opportunity and a career jump (be it only for f

Oversized Package Under Axe

A perfect example of Consumer awareness was witnessed when a consumer lodged a complaint against Cincinnati-based consumer giant P&G for violating California’s slack fill law, resulting P&G to shell out $850,000 towards civil penalties and costs.

Ban on PET Packaging for Pharmaceuticals - Are we prepared?

The discussions started during early 2013 when Him Jagriti, an Uttarakhand-based non-governmental organization (

Art of developing career in Packaging

Yoga needs practice to master it and so is the case with packaging from our Mentors.

Chaayos: What an experience with teas

Yesterday afternoon I got a surprise in office when I was suddenly served warm tea on my desk. You will be thinking so what was so great that I was surprised? Simple reason, it was a traditional tea that we find on roadside corner tea stalls that we all love in hard day's work but we hardly get such ready tea in our sophisticated offices.

Ochobo (small mouth): How small change in packaging increased sales 213%

It is amazing to know that a Japanese burger chain faced an interesting sales problem. The Freshness Burger chain has a very large and very popular “Classic Burger”.It’s the most popular burger among male customers but dead last among female customers. So what’s up with that?

Know Your "Maggi"

Maggi has been one of our favorite eatery for generations, liked equally by kids and grandparents! Recently the UP FDA tests and Delhi tests  on the samples taken from shelve has shown presence of MSG which Maggi claims is not added and Lead above permissible limits. This might cause lot of health concerns in the consumers.

Quality packaging suppliers with service commitment

Business man with binoculars over urban background

Detergent Packaging Innovations

Detergent - It is a water soluble cleansing agent that combines with impurities and dirt to make them more soluble, and differs from soap in not forming a scum with the salts in hard water. This may be in form of solidified bar, loose powder, thick liquid or concentrated balls

Top 50 Innovative Meat Packaging

Meat Industry is one of t

Pharmaceutical Packaging Innovations

Idea behind this book is to bring the innovations to wider group

Needle Stick Injury – Prevention?

I was in a test laboratory for some project research. While witnessing the tests being performed, I noticed a peculiar way of using syringes.

Content marketing making footprints in packaging industry

These days we hear a lot about Content Marketing in various verticals, be it entertainment, education, consumer goods or politics.

Share your Packaging Experiences using P-EXCHANGE

How many of you know "P-Exchange" and it's potential? This was initially launched for Sharing Packaging Pictures only. Over a period, we have further evolved as packaging forum where any user could just login for free and interact with additional feature of uploading images in comments as well.

COP is more than a substitute for Glass

One perpetual demand on the market is the search for a glass replacement for use in packaging, as glass poses such a risk from breakage; COP possesses characteristics that make it a suitable glass substitute in HPT’s Injectable Vials range.

Benchmarking in Packaging?

Benchmarking is a very common practice in industry but Benchmarking in Packaging - let's understand the basics and how to proceed By definition –

Packaging is much more than designing a “dabba”

When I completed my studies in Packaging Technology, I faced this issue of explaining people (general public of course) the role of packaging for a question “you learn how to make a dabba (box)”.

Aseptic Packaging

Aseptic describes a condition in which there is an absence of micro-organisms including viable spores. In the food industry the terms aseptic, sterile and commercial sterility are often interchangeably.

an Entrepreneur the way Hoffman of LinkedIn looked

I love what Hoffman at #LinkedIn says, entrepreneurs can no time to think and decide. they need actions all the time to make things happen that too at teh speed of light. We are trying to learn and do things so that packaging community can benefit.

Words of the day

Hello Packaging Friends!

PET Rounded Bottles from HPT

PET material is ideal for many liquids, chemicals and solvents. PET rounded bottles are the greatest choice for the pharmaceutical companies in preserving agents and also they have strong consumer appeal.  

BPA one more challenge to Food Packaging Industry

There are lots of challenges to the food packaging industry. Food packaging industries are using BPA from almost 50 years and no company label is mentioned any information about BPA in their product packaging. Basic functionality of the BPA is to stop the reaction between food and surface.

Importance of Packaging Connections to Packaging Industry

Packing connections are very important to overcome packaging industry challenges. Packaging industry challenges can be solved when all kinds of packaging companies, packaging professionals connect with each other and they should be very clear and transparent in solving any issue.

Challenges of Packaging: Non Stop packaging for you

Packaging is a great science or art or both. It helps us to protect the products and to get it almost anywhere even if we are not able to travel.

YOUR call to actions can connect YOUR CUSTOMERS

Most of the times it’s very difficult for the brand owners to develop effective call to actions on their packaging designs. In this article will look into some specific technologies that can help brand owners to develop a powerful call to actions.

Your Packaging Designs speaks about Your BRAND

Many organizations and Start-up companies neglect spending valuable time in thinking about embedding their branding in their packaging design. Do you know the importance of branding while promoting or launching of your product? Branding goes way beyond just a logo or graphic element. Branding is directly proportional to your marketing strategy.

Importance of Call to Actions on Packaging Design

Call to actions are very important elements in packaging design and it is the best way to get the accurate information from the end user. Call to actions encourages the end user to do something like leaving feedback, participating in surveys or to find more information about your products.

Packaging becomes powerful media

With the developments, enhancements, optimizations taking place in packaging designs rapidly the future of packaging designs are more relevant, accurate and more importantly presentation of the packaging design is undoubtedly continue to change.

End USER impact on packaging innovations

Today life is more varied with demographics and preferences are more complex. Packaging innovations are continues to evolve with respect to the customer needs. Innovative packaging always first choice for the end user if that come for lesser or same price what he is paying for that same product, but this is biggest challenge for the brand owners.

Important factors in Food Packaging

Packaging innovation is the continuous task for the food manufacturers. 70 to 80% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale. Always need to follow buyer trends, demands and these are challenging factors for brand owners. Consumer demands and their personal fulfillment is driving food packaging industries.

Usability Challenges to Packaging Industry

Packaging plays very important role in marketing and it is the medium between the company and end user. Your packaging spend should be 8 to 10% of the total cost average. The average consumer spends just few seconds in making decision whether to buy your product or not, so your packaging design need to design for targeted users with targeted message.

Marketing Vs Innovation

Every business has to focus on Marketing as well as on Innovation. Here we are talking especially about packaging industry. Packaging is the ultimate marketing tool for any product. For retail industry packaging can be a major metric for defining success. If you can launch your product with a very innovative design it gets noticed in very less time.


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