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Packaging is a silent salesman

Packaging is the first thing a customer observes when he is shopping for any product. Packaging could include the box that the product is shipped in or the shopping bag the item is placed in at the store. Inner packaging is what keeps your product nestled safely in the outer packaging.

Product packaging works as a silent salesman because consumers often make a psychological connection with it. Packaging may appeal to consumers if it represents something that’s important to them or symbolizes someone they aspire to be. Shoppers who have environmental concerns may choose a product packaged in recycled materials. People who have active lifestyles may select a product because the packaging includes a photo of an athlete who epitomizes vitality.

When your feet land in a shop, there’s thousands of things you notice. The particular smell, the lights inside and the dark corners, the exposition of the products, the employees, their clothes, etc.

All of these factors create a brand image. Moving to the e-commerce model means that these factors no longer weigh in, because they simply cease to exist. Their place is taken by the website’s design, the online customer's service etc.


This is also the moment when packaging begins to play an increasingly important role as a sales tool. Sending a box is one thing, but sending it to make a memorable impression is another. Making an impression eventually leads to making a bond. Therefore, a luxury product requires a distinct packaging solution.

Packaging of a product is, therefore, an important member of the sales team which can drive the product sales through the shelf, retail stores, or even e-commerce.