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Packaging Outsourcing at your service – our survey says!

New Delhi, 13th March 2013: is one of the first packaging outsourcing company to be established in India. PackagingConnections has a 7 year long success to its credit as a packaging outsourcing company providing technical consultancy in this niche field in India and worldwide. Outsourcing in packaging is more popularly know as consultancy services.

Outsourcing has been part of our life from when we have known. Either at home or at work, outsourcing has always played a big role. Manufacturing and import and exports have been practiced long, , but the extension to services is a relatively new phenomenon, service outsourcing started in India in mid 1980’s and has grown rapidly accelerated in 1990s in form of BPO’s and KPO’s.

Outsourcing services in India and especially  in packaging industry is still at a nascent stage. The advantages and value addition which an outsourcing model can provide is still a less explored area by the industry.  Though there has been considerable acceptance in the past 5 years, but the growth is slow though steady.

To understand market and customers PackagingConnections connections conducted a survey and got a overwhelming from its members

The survey results have been compiled and the results are very encouraging.

The survey was answered by a good mix of industry from Packaging manufacturer, FMCG Companies, Pharma companies, Professionals and consultants

The responses have come on a very positive note and majority of the participants have shown interest in trying the outsourcing model for the first time and trying it again.

Mr. Sandeep Goyal, Founder & CEO, said packaging outsourcing in a right way can change the perception of this services offered by packaging profesionals and they can deliver much more effectively.

The survey results reveal the current perception of the customers about outsourcing model for packaging industry and what are their plans for the future. To know more send us your request at

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About Packaging Connections Providing Online Packaging Services And Consultancy Worldwide has its expertise in technical packaging solutions with powerful project management skills. Coordinate the whole project with designer, vendor and stakeholders. Successful handling and implementing projects on outsourcing model is their specialization.

An entrepreneurial company started by young but experienced packaging technologist Mr. Sandeep Goyal who has worked with leading MNCs & Indian companies both as a user and a supplier of packaging materials. From its inception the company was powered with an ultimate vision to be a common packaging platform to connect professionals from all across the globe. In order to realize this dream, packaging connections has continuously strived to bring the latest resources from all over the world to the doorstep of packaging industry.

The portal offers resources like buyer and seller offers, p-interviews, innovations, key decision maker direct contacts, online reports and other promotional services to provide a one-stop shop to buyers, sellers, users & professionals. It helps to find out newer business opportunities in India & worldwide with 24 x 7 days online access. Keeps you informed about the latest packaging developments around the globe every week and promote direct interaction among members & visitors. Backed by years of industry experience, the company has created cutting edge in offering packaging solutions for healthcare/pharmaceutical industries, foods & beverages and customized training. The reason for their accelerated growth is their technical experts and professionals who have vast & practical experience and knowledge about the industry. Their innovative solutions and customized services have shown the way to growth and prosperity. They have achieved a high level of client appreciation by understanding their requirements and exceeding their expectations.

Packaging Connections is your instant single point source for everything connected to packaging directly or indirectly without using any middlemen. Exclusive, integrated and enhanced contacts on everything in packaging buyers, suppliers, user companies, professionals, packaging technology software’s and much more with complete skills and know-how of the essentials of the Packaging industry and the requirements of the clients

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Amita Venkatesh

Associate – Scientific Affairs and Consultancy



  • Rajkumar Gupta March 14, 2013 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: Packaging outsourcing is easy for many industries but not for Pharmaceutical Industries. Most of the large Pharma companies require US DMF Type III for flexible and rigid packaging materials. That is the reason The packaging giants such as Hindalco, Essel, Jindal and U flex  have gone for US DMF Type III.

  • Sandeep Goyal March 14, 2013 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: That is right that its a challenging job. We had been doing this work for quiet sometime and have successfully worked on pharma packaging materials for regulated markets like US, EU, Australia successfully. We have worked on rigid pharma packaging like ophthalmic containers, nasal containers, barrier laminates, blisters, caps etc. Our services can help pharma comapnies to do the filing much faster to their products. in fact, currently we are doing some projects not only for India but for the companies right in US. 

  • cliveowen March 14, 2013 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: Online packaging services are such a great way to serve the best packaging services in various industry very easy and quick way. It can help clients to get packaging services for their business as soon as quick way.

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