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Only a Packaging Professional can understand this…..

  1. You growl if anyone says “Dabba banaate ho” (you make boxes)
  2. You follow your experience and knowledge to open a pack, rather then mere tearing or twisting it.
  3. You can spend countless hours in retail stores or hyper marts simply by ‘just’ looking at the packaging of different products
  4. You click immediately any beautiful, creative or innovative packaging that you come across.
  5. You cringe when someone says “cartoon” to your favourite CARTON box. Of-course you end up correcting them.
  6. Your family asks you every time they face difficulty in opening a pack. After all you are a packaging expert – RIGHT?
  7. You are hurt when a refill box is used for other purpose rather than filling it with the same product next time.
  8. Only you can imagine your pain when a reclosable pack has been badly torn from anywhere except from the area where it has to be actually opened.
  9. You smartly debates on fundamental of aseptic packaging and why milk doesn’t get spoiled even when kept for 6 months in a Tetrapak.
  10. When a pack tear perforation is not correctly opened and you jump from that sight.
  11. You are unhappy to see that a hanger or handing solution provided with a pack is not used for the right purpose.
  12. You check bottom of every bottle to check the process and material identification marks
  13. Well, no one knows or understands what you actually do at work.
  14. Yes, you instantly click this article after reading the topic / title
  15. You enjoyed reading all the points and smiled at almost each once. You know you are also the one who does these things. We are proud to be a PACKAGING TECHNOLOGIST.


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    Comment: nice one, made me truly smile

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