Money makes money and same with packaging

Money makes money and same with packaging

Money makes money is the popular saying.


“For whoever has will be given more. And they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them” Matthew 25:29)


We say same is true with many other areas too. Packaging is also not far away from it. So if we will promote the packaging profession and create more & more jobs, then more and more professionals will be in demand. I understand from the market that there are many packaging  or packaging related jobs are available in various fields like R&D, Sales & Marketing, Customer support, Purchasing, Quality, Device management, Innovation management. Venture capital, eCommerce and the list goes on.


Therefore to make this even stronger, now we support where you can post jobs and resumes. Some of the important links are given below:


Please visit and make the packaging community stronger and better, its an important field to support in our society so that products can be protected.


Yours Packaging Enthusiast


Sandeep Kumar Goyal


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