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Micro: Airless Packaging’ by Aptar B+H, India

Every packaging professional whether in Consumer Packaged Goods industry or in Pharmaceutical company craves for using airless dispensing of products such as creams and lotions for various obvious reasons.

First, airless technology in dispensing is a means to clean and neat 360º dispensing of the product. Second, negligible amount of product’s left over exists, providing value of money to the end user, the consumer. Third, airless dispensing reduces the contamination of the product with the particulates in the surrounding environment to the minimum, thus ensuring safe usage. Finally, it’s an amazing technology with many! many! many advantages.

We all know that the Aptar is the Global leader in the world of dispensing. Aptar India’s Beauty & Home vertical has come out with an airless dispensing packaging format termed as ‘Micro’, the perfect solution for dispensing of products with model fill levels ranging from 20 ml to 50 ml.

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  • Ayush Agrawal June 14, 2019 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: 'Micro' by Aptar Beauty & Home division is a pioneer innovation in the airless technology domain. Many FMCGs/CPGs will love to get the right airless packaging from Aptar. Kudos team Aptar!

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