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M F Husain : India's Picasso Passes Away

Colours on canvas and creativity are like a creative packaging for products to make the first impression.  Today morning, India's great painter MF Husain known as India's Picasso passed away in London today morning 9th June 2011 at the age of 95. Its the great loss to India and I guess to the creativity too. His paintings were full of Indian culture. His paintings show that creativity has no age.

We at pay our tribute to this great legendary painter of India who showed new ways of creativity through colours and packaging too is full of colours and so is the case with

His creativity with colours and brush on canvas would be an eternal inspiration for printing on packages.




  • santosh June 09, 2011 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: <span style="font-size: 10pt;color: #002060;font-family: 'arial','sans-serif'">Creativity when turns to destructivity it creates MF Husain who has to flayed away the country for defaming BHARATMATA.</span>

  • Sandeep Goyal June 09, 2011 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: <p><span style="font-size: 12px"><span style="font-family: verdana, geneva, sans-serif">I don&#39;t know what the truth is but please see today&#39;s news item in Mail Today where it says this was named Bharatmata by an NGO who was raisning funds for earthquake victims in Kashmir without M F Husain&#39;s knowledge. I have attached the picture. We are only trying to look the creative part and it depends on us what we pick. I want to pick good things and not the destructive things. Thank you for your comments. I have attached today&#39;s newspaper clipping.</span></span></p>

  • Deepak Manchanda June 09, 2011 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: Sandeep You could not have put it better: &quot;Age is no bar for creativity&quot;...however I feel it would be wrong to refer to MFH as &quot;India&#39;s Picasso&quot;. He was unique in his own way...he was India&#39;s MF Husain! &#160; Regards Deepak M &#160;

  • Usman Younas June 09, 2011 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: MFH was a great artist and majestic human being. His death brings saddnes not only in India but in the whole world. May Allah rest his soul in heaven. Usman (Saudi Arabia)

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