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Low migration labels for Plastic Containers

Not only the active ingredients of pharmaceuticals are tested prior to their approval, but government authorities also impose stringent requirements on packaging and labeling. In the case of primary

containers made of plastics, it must be ensured that their components do not contaminate or impair the effectiveness of the drugs. Schreiner MediPharm has the know-how to develop pharmaceutical labels consisting of harmless, low-migration materials.

Low-Migration Labels for Plastic Containers
Always a Step Ahead

Beside glass containers, the pharmaceutical industry today increasingly uses packaging made of plastics. But especially in the case of soft plastic materials, such as those used for infusion bags or eye dropper bottles, there is a risk of migration. Therefore, Schreiner MediPharm, in collaboration

with a renowned, independent test institute, has performed a study and is working on the qualification of low migration adhesives, film materials and inks. Based on the findings gained, targeted label solutions for plastic containers that do not influence the barrier function of the packaging are created.

The use of low-migration labels increases the probability of obtaining approval by the relevant pharmaceutical authority without any problems and can shorten the lengthy approval process to some extent.