LiDoCon (Liquid Controlled Dosing Concept).

LiDoCon (Liquid Controlled Dosing Concept).

Abbott has pioneered in India LiDoCon, short for Liquid Dosing Concept, a first of its kind device for liquid medicines that provides accurate, hygienic and convenient dosing. This novel technology currently is being used for a cough syrup, but in time, will be extended to different types of liquid formulations. LiDoCon was conceptualized at Abbott’s Innovation and Development Center in Mumbai.


The man behing this is Rajesh Mishra whose passion is innovations and I am happy to put on record here that I had the opportunity to work with him couple of times, and its great to work with him as he is always positive.


This innovation by him and his team at Abbott takes India meets many unmet needs of correct dosing in India and takes the packaging from India to next level. The great thing is that this has not only been conceptulised in India but has also been manufactured in India. We from team congratulate them 

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