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Lesson in Leadership from Capt. J S Verma: Putting your men before you

I am reading Simply Fly by Captain Gopinath. In this book, he mentioned what Capt. J S Verma of armoured corps told him:

"In everything that you do, if you want to earn the respect of your men, you have to be professionally better than them. You have to work harder than them. You have to stretch yourself more than them. You cannot spare yourself, If you ask them to work six hours you must work eight hours. If you ask them to walk ten miles you must walk twenty. If you tell them to go without food, you must go without food and water. Whatever you do, you must ensure that you are better than them in the quantum of your effort and competence. Whatever you do, you must put them before you. Putting them before you will always show you the way. Whether you are in the army or in civilian life, putting your men before you will always lead the way for you."

This is the philosophy we also do beleive at in every job we take and try to do more than what we promise.



  • Maneesh Sharma June 30, 2010 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: A fantastic message with very profound message .Thanks for sharing such a powerful communication to inform everyone that leader is the one who leads from front and backup all his mates when they need him .

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