It has become increasingly important to gain a layman’s perspective on packaging. That would help producers to mould their packaging according to the requirements of the consumers.

One way a layman views packaging is as a means of protection. Consumers value packaging for the protection it provides. Greater protection might reflect greater care and quality of the product. It also prompts the consumer to think highly of that brand and might make him a loyal customer.

Another way a layman views packaging is as a means of presentation. Colourful and printed packaging adds to the appeal of the product and gives additional satisfaction to the customer. It is important to note that the additional satisfaction is brought solely by the packaging. With the advent of social media, ‘the unboxing experience’ has become a rage. Consumers post videos of them opening a product and the spotlight is on both the packaging and the product. That way an attractive packaging has the potential to push the demand of the product to some extent.

A layman’s opinion on packaging can be influenced by the price of the product. At lower prices, basic protection might do enough. But as the price increases, the expectation of the consumer also increases. At higher prices they do not only expect better protection but also better quality of presentation.

With increasing literacy and awareness, an ordinary person feels he/she has a responsibility towards society and environment. They now want to willingly contribute to the environment and buying products with eco-friendly packaging is one way. Also, buying eco-friendly products has become a trend or a status symbol and people feel a sense of superiority when they buy one.

Therefore it becomes important for the producers to understand the psyche of a layman. One can use it to enhance one’s quality of packaging and improve customer satisfaction.

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