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Involvement Of Top Management In Packaging: Dr Vinod Karnik

Recently I came across Dr Karnik's interviw at fnbnews. Dr Karnik's first interviw was published at .

Product-package relationship is a complex phenomenon and understanding this relationship is the crux of success for any packaging project: this is what Dr Karnik sais in his interview at Food & Beverage news.  I fully endorse his comments. Normally it is seen that product professionals in the company do not appreciate this point but that is what we have to stress as now Dr Karnik also says so.

Dr V V Karnik, a business consultant to the food processing industry, with over 35 years of experience in the F&B segment, takes us through the various intricacies that a packaging professional comprehends and the challenges he undergoes before producing that spectacular package design complementing the product inside, that wins the enviable stares from the consumers and becomes a delight for the retailers.

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