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Interpack 2011 and

    It was great to be at Interpack 2011 as always. For us this was first participation as an exhibitor though we did visit last Interpack as visitor. being an exhobitor was a totally different experience. In addition to visitors at our small desk at India pavilion, our team did visit all the exhibitors to understand their requirements from Interpack, from This was a great interaction as our team is a technically qualified packaging team by training and does live projects with companies worldwide. This gave us the opportunity to understand international requirements even better as we do help foreign packaging companies to enter India and solve their short term packaging issues. We learnt a lot and also made many mistakes. We beleive in leraning from mistakes and go forward so that you will find us even more active at the next internation show.

At , your opinion matters to us to meet your requirements better. So to do so, we would like to hear from you and you can email to us at

You can also share your other Interpack 2011 experience here. You can write your experience with a picture as you do have the option to upload the pictures in this blog.

Through this, we would also like to inform our visitors and the clients whom we met that we are working on the various actions and would be getting back with next actions next week.

We thank you for investing your time during Interpack with team. We are back in our office. It was our pleasure to meet you during this busy exhibition and we value your time. We would be taking the actions on our discussions next week and then respective team members would be contacting you directly for further discussions.

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And in case you would like to suggest something else, please do let us know as as we always say, change is continuous and we do look forward to your suggestions for further improvement at

Happy Packaging and Keep Enjoying the Wonders of Packaging!



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    Comment: Kindly I need to know if you can make a three layer laminate of polyester/polyester/ldp laminate and at what price. It has to be heat resistant,a pack that can go into the microwave, it is to be used to pack processed food. It has a stand up pouch, 5.7" x 8" with a two-sided sticker print.

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