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Importance of Call to Actions on Packaging Design

Call to actions are very important elements in packaging design and it is the best way to get the accurate information from the end user. Call to actions encourages the end user to do something like leaving feedback, participating in surveys or to find more information about your products.

Call to actions must be compelling, benefit oriented and usually you can add small graphics which narrates what you wanting them to perform. Most important thing is don’t put too many call to actions on your packaging design.

Important elements need to consider while embedding calls to actions on your packaging design

  • Placement: Your call to action must be placed in the area where user first glance happens. For example near to price details or near to product details or near to discount offers etc.,
  • Size and Shape: Need to design by considering your target audience age group
  • Color: It should stand out from the package and should be eye catchy
  • Text: Should attract to end user. Using punch lines is better way

Benefits from call to actions on your packaging design

  • You can get the end user feedback as well as their expectations. This helps to innovate, enhance and optimize your packaging designs
  • You can increase traffic and user engagement of your landing or targeted page. This increase visibility of your other products too
  • You can increase your targeted audience database. By this you can directly connect with your customers
  • Also call to actions helps in increasing your sales especially for window shoppers


  • Sandeep Goyal September 29, 2014 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: but call to actions is a difficult task to make happen, how to we generate the interest?

  • Subhash Chadra Bose September 29, 2014 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: <p>Yeah its difficult and that is the challenge. </p> <p>1. We can use QR codes which leads to customer to know/participate the surveys/products. </p> <p>2. We can add the coupon codes which leads customer to open our website or product page for online orders</p> <p>3. Most importantly we can use eseal technology by which customer can authenticate the product at the same time our loyal customer database can increase</p>

  • Ragavendran September 29, 2014 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: Quick statistics related to the product or a product which goes hand-in-hand with this would be a great way to attract some eye balls and action from customers of course. For ex. if it is a diaper, some statistics like &quot;Our product has more SAP and can absorb x% better than other regular diapers in the market. Click this link for more details&quot; would be helpful. Also, if the same company manufactures wet wipes too, then some info on that would also be helpful. For ex. &quot;We also produce flushable wipes. Click on for more details&quot;. The other best way to get their feedback is in a way to incentivise them. For ex. &quot;Participate in a survey by logging in and win gifts/coupons etc.&quot;

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