Impact of packaging on the environment

Impact of packaging on the environment

Packaging   has positive and negative impact on the environment. The negative impact  include resources use and the effect of packaging related wastes and emissions. The positive impact is that packaging consumer goods facilities their distribution and thus make it possible to obtain goods otherwise not accessible. Environmentally conscious packaging enables satisfying human needs on a effective way.

The protective function is more and more important in the present trend of increasing urbanization. The use of active packaging  became widespread, in which packaging combined with the use of means that assure the preservation of the product ,such as protective gas, oxygen removal and so on. It is the positive impact on  the environment

Package recycling – The concept of recycling to conserve resources is based on assumption that a recycling requires fewer raw material and less energy and generates  fewer emissions into the environment than manufacturing new material. Some packaging material can be recycled an infinity number of times, other just 2 or3 times –

Paper – 5 to 7 times

Cardboard- 3to 4 times

Glass- infinitly

Plastic – 1 or 2

Aluminium, copper, and other metals – infinitly

Recycling of package is the important and positive impact on the environment ,many companies are taking action seriously on this method . Recently Unilever take a initiative to develop new technology to tackle the global issue of plastic sachet waste because hundreds of billions of plastic sachet are thrown away globally every year and 14% of all plastic package is recycled globally. It is a positive action to save the environment and impact also will be the positive.

Many companies are connecting with Loop for recycling the plastic materials and in other side Procter & Gamble has launched the FAIRY &WINDEX  OCEAN PLASTIC BOTTLE MADE FROM post consumer recycled plastic and ocean plastic . It will be made from 10% ocean plastic, collected from the ocean and beaches around the world ,and 90% post consumer recycled plastic. It is a positive action for safety of the environment.

I hope all packaging industries will be continue in this action than we can protect  our environment.  Pollution and population are two facts that harmful for our environment ,we can not control the population but at least we can control the pollution than will be the positive impact on the environment.


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