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Holiday Packaging

Holiday shopping is an overwhelming experience everytime.

From Black Friday through the New Year, you could see up to a 60% bump in first time customers. That's 60% more chances at a lifetime customer, so holiday is the ideal time to pull out all the stops for memorable ecommerce packaging.

According to a 2016 study by Dotcom Distribution, 40% of shoppers said they were more likely to buy from a retailer again if they ordered a package online and it came in a gift-like or premium package.

Gift packaging leaves an impression on the customer and due to this nowadays every company tries to launch a gift pack during holiday season or festival time with customer attractive design.

Great packaging can not only elevate your product, but it can also push consumers to identify with your brand.

The 4 principles of an effective packaging design:

  1. It can be seen on shelf (impact)
  2. It engages shoppers (relevance)
  3. It communicates key messages and/or a point-of-difference (advantage)
  4. It sells (conviction)
  5. It attracts

Your gift pack must be such that it will enhance the customer experience of unboxing.

You can upgrade your packaging through our premium matt finish stand up pouches:

A personalised customised label will put the crowning to your pack:

You will find various packaging materials for your requirement for preparing a Christmas gift very special: