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Gravity never sleeps !

I had been reading Lufthansa magazine on one of my European trips. Flight instructor Cord Becker, a former Lufthansa pilot with some 20,000 flight hours under his belt, now regularly writes for Lufthansa Magazine on Aviation topics, In May 2010, he wrote on landing.

He explained the shorther the runway, the more important it is to land your plane accurately, right on the touchdownpoint - even if that means a bit of a bump. He reminded a line from his old flight instructor in Arizona always used to say: Gravity never sleeps!

How right he is, same is true for us at We are small and growing. We want you to enjoy your navigating and use the information effectively. We want you to reach us accurately.

For this we need your support & feedback. Please email us  for any ideas to improve, new things that you would like us to add or anything else that you think is good for the packaging community. We would be very happy to receive your comments for accurate touchdown at  as Gravity never sleeps here too!


Sandeep Goyal
Founder & CEO