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Gaur gum packaging: India's top farm export

Guar gum has emerged as India's top farm export. India brings approx $4.9 billion from its exports. India accounts nearly 80% of global production. It is mainly grown in Rajasthan and Haryana. This is mainly used as controlling agent in oil wells for easy drilling. It is also used in textiles, food and cosmetics industries.

This is the brighter side. This is mainly exported in IBCs and lot of times, there is a problem of moisture increase. There are apparently no ready solutions. So there is a great scope of offering some nice moisture resistant bulk packaging. If anybody has any ideas, kindly update here.



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  • Aleks Simrooglu April 27, 2013 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: Hello Sandeep, What you are looking for is very doable. I would be happy to listen to your need in more detail and see if my best solution is interesting for you. I am an associate of a well known flexible packaging company in Turkey, feel free to contact me to share ideas. Maybe what I offer is easily accessible in India, but at least I made a contact, so I&#039;ll be happy to help. Kind regards, Aleks Simrooglu&#160;

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