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Freeze Indicator: Temperature Monitoring of Sensitive Substances

About one in five temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products is damaged due to a broken cold chain while being shipped. Particularly affected are sensitive substances such as biopharmaceuticals and vaccines. Therefore, seamless monitoring that indicates for instance if a pharmaceutical has been exposed to freezing temperatures is imperative. A label-integrated Freeze Indicator offered by Schreiner MediPharm in cooperation with American Thermal Instruments (ATI) provides a reliable and simple solution for monitoring cold chain compliance.

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The Freeze Indicator is based on ATI’s printed BlindSpotz™ technology, which Schreiner MediPharm integrates into labels for the pharmaceutical industry. Consequently, the application of these labels to vials or other containers enables reliable unit-level temperature monitoring. The functional principle is equally simple and effective: The Freeze Indicator is initially white. If the container with the specialty label is exposed to freezing temperatures below the defined threshold the color of the temperature indicator shifts to blue—unequivocally, readily visible and irreversibly.

Whereas previous solutions to indicate freezing temperatures are bulky, inflexible and cannot be modified in terms of design, Schreiner MediPharm’s Freeze Indicator offers utmost flexibility: The technology can be implemented using diverse printing techniques and easily integrated into existing label designs. In addition, it enables customized designs and is more cost-efficient than previous solutions. The label dispensing process in the pharmaceutical   manufacturer’s operations remains unchanged. The greatest advantage of this technology, however, results from its form of application: Conventional temperature monitoring solutions are typically attached to secondary packaging. Due to the label application at unit level, the individual containers that have been exposed to freezing temperatures can easily be detected by means of the color shift, which effectively prevents the use of damaged medicines.

The Freeze Indicator benefits pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare staff and patients alike because potential damage to a medicine due to freezing temperatures is detectable at first glance. This supports a reliable supply chain and enhances patient safety. The label-integrated Freeze Indicator turns blue when a medicine has been exposed to excessive freezing temperatures and enables flexible designs.

About American Thermal Instruments (ATI) Founded in 1981, American Thermal Instruments produces custom  temperature monitoring solutions for industries that require the most accurate and measurable systems – pharmaceutical, medical, food, beverage, and Industrial.