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The Era Of Connectivity: Packagingconnections

The wise man listens to meaning; the fool only gets the noise. The modern Greek poet C.P. Cavafy wrote  a piece in 1915 after Philostratus' adage "For the gods perceive things in the future, ordinary people things in the present, but the wise perceive things about to happen." 

This is what I picked up when reading Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb..
Further it also talks about that we are living in the era of connectivity and the probability of success. It is mentioned that a 15% return with a 10% volatility (or uncertainity) per annum translates into a 93% probability of success in any given year. But seen at a narrow time scale, this translates into a mere 50.02% probability of success over any given second as shown below. Further observation over the very narrow time increment will reveal close to nothing.
Probability of success at different scales
Scale                                        Probability
1 year                                       93%
1 quarter                                   77%
1 month                                    67%
1 day                                        54%
1 hour                                       51.3%
1 minute                                   50.17%
1 second                                   50.02%
So what is the point I am trying to make here? I am trying to tell that join us atleast for 1 year and then you can see how it positively impacts your business in this era of connectivity. We did talk about Web Push to economy in our earlier communication, you can read more about it at
We look forward to your active participation at Please do email us at for various options to improve your packaging performance and also to promote your business through
With this, keep Enjoying Wonders of Packaging!

Sandeep Goyal
Founder & CEO


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