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End USER impact on packaging innovations

Today life is more varied with demographics and preferences are more complex. Packaging innovations are continues to evolve with respect to the customer needs. Innovative packaging always first choice for the end user if that come for lesser or same price what he is paying for that same product, but this is biggest challenge for the brand owners.

Upon availability of different innovative packaging in products, end user expectations are increasing. Indirectly end user forcing brand owners towards innovative packaging. This also affects the cost of the packaging materials and as well as packaging machines due to increase in demand. To meet the demands of packaging industries, innovation/invention of high speed packaging machines are mandatory.

"Packaging innovation should not compromise on the quality of the product because quality is the main connection factor between end user and brand owner."

Every research analysis shows that end user satisfaction is the biggest challenge for the packaging industries. Most importantly packaging industries always need to have the details of the brands which were rejected by the consumers because of bad packaging.

Market research analysis, competitor analysis, online & offline surveys helps to greater extent in achieving successful packaging innovations.



  • chhavi_2 September 24, 2014 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: Well said. Innovations should be such that they give atleast one the following - Attracts consumer in retail by the attractive design Gives value addition Provides consumer convenience or ease in specific features like opening or closing. Infact end users can get many such innovations through "books" dedicated for packaging in FMCG, Cosmetics and Pharma. For details, check this link -

  • Sandeep Goyal September 24, 2014 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: <p>Packaging innovations might be innovative in different ways; it could be simple communication or a functional innovations, may be its innovation in graphics or sometimes in the type of material, But you are right that in any case, it should not compromise the quality of the product packed and the first thing it should offer is the protection to products to meet the optimum qulaity followed by the cost and convenience to open.Opening the packs and using them rightly could be nightmare many a times. in fact its my continuous issue everytime I travel in India and try to open the coffee sachets in my room. Even the coffee sachets are by the great companies like Nestle and TATA but they need the scissors to open them, why can&#39;t they think about the convenience for the consumer so that they will appreciate them every morning</p>

  • Rohit Raj Sachan September 24, 2014 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: Innovations could be in various ways.. 1- It should have user convinency and shelves visibility. 2- could be design innovation 3- Innovations in functionality aspects 4- Could be in feasibility&#160; There are so many ways where packaging innovation can work and serve the society to add value to the customers life.

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