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Relation between packaging and consumer

Packaging is an essential part of product mix and packaging decision is a crucial one in manufacturing industries for them to achieve started marketing objectives and a keen competitive business environment.

The first point of a contact between the customer and the product is the packaging . it gives a long lasting impression not only by the product but also the manufacturer. In the Today’s market there is a competition in virtually products categories, packaging is often the customer’s point of contact.

Consumer Decision Making

On daily basis each of us make different , diverse and numerous about every aspects of product acquisition ranging from what type of product to buy and where to buy the product. The presence of two many types of products, brand and sources of purchase make decision making necessary.

Consumer’s buying behavior

Buying behavior refers to all the decisions people and business make when they buy products or services.

According to classical economic theory, people make their buying decision based on a rational analysis of their own self- interest in the situation. The buying behavior of an individual can be predicted by analyzing what source of action would most benefit that individual. The same principle applies to buy decisions of groups individual as well as to the buying decisions of groups of individual such as businesses.

Similarly, Packaging could be treated as one of the most valuable tool in today’s marketing communication, necessitating more details analysis of its elements and an impact of those elements on consumer purchasing decision. A good and an attractive product packaging has greater tendency to enhance positive purchasing decision towards the product.

Packaging has a better reach than advertising does, and can set a brand apart from its competitors. It promotes and reinforce the purchase decision not only at the point of purchase, but also every time the product is used . packaging can even drive the brand choice of product.

As a matter of facts, people are becoming more and more demanding . Packaging has been gradually shown its important role in a way to serve consumers more by providing information and delivery functions. With its different functional to ease and to communicate with consumers’ attention and their perception on the product quality.