Dr N G Mokashi & Packaging Education in India

Dr N G Mokashi & Packaging Education in India

Dr N G Mokashi & Packaging Education in India Here you see the rare picture of India's first lot of qualified packaging technologists passed 25 years back and earned Masters in Packaging Technology though after 25 years we got another certificate saying it Post Graduate Diploma in Packaging. I think rightly so as after 25 years, we are less of technologist and more of administrartors of packagig or ralated activities.

I had been thinking whether to write or not to write but finally couldn't stop myself. Here in the picture you see sitting smart looking & smiling professor without spectacles is Dr N G Mokashi. He is the one who started & trained the first batch of India's post graduate packaging technologists. Alongwith him is Mr S C Adak who was also around during our education days though with other traning activities for packaging but always ready to listen & help us.

I can not forget and I guess nobody from our batch can forget Dr Mokashi who treated us like kids coming out from home for the first time to make us feel at home but also to kick at our back if we were not taking charge to study well  learn but also to enjoy the life in MUmbai and in hostel. He was always with us more like a friend in case of any issues and we were surprised that he always knew where the hell we were heading. He was always ready to take the bull by horns with us. Since ours was the first bact, we did have many starting teething issues and had to fight back with the institue and he was stading with us to fight.

Our this packaging education started at Indian Institute of Packaging, Bombay now Mumbai. We met him now during silver jubilee celebration after 25 years of packaging PGs out in the industry. All of us could not make it but few made it, and you see few luck ones here with Dr Mokashi.

We were felicitated but NOt Dr Mokashi who had the vision of this education and came to meet us but for us, he is with us all the time.  After 25 years also, he remembered our names that he has given out of his love.  Just for your information, I was called Goli by him and friends, and I am still called Goli.

We salute him and would like to see him happy & healthy as he had always been.

With this, I stop writing further and would like my other friends to contribute.

Sandeep Goyal

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    Hi Goli, As usual you could not contain yourself and expressed the issue in a forthright manner, There were some errors in the certificate also - February was spelt as "Febraury"). While I ( and may be others also) do not doubt the intentions of IIP in organizing the facilitation of the 1st batch students - alas they do not have the wherewithal to take the intentions to its logical conclusion. Interestingly, I had met Manjir and Madhab recently in IIP Delhi befor I moved to Chennai. We had some serious debate on what is the purpose of IIP - is it Commercial or Education. The betterment of packaging eduaction, PG program, etc will, I feel, depend largely on how IIP is able to sincerely answer this question. On a personal front, the vist and meeting was fabulous. Meeting Dr Mokashi was the highlight and his remembering all of our names is the summit. Hats off to him. Atleast, Madhab had the foresight to ask Dr Mokashi in the front row. If you ahd noticed, when Mr Scindia came he was heading towards Moksahi and Saha had no other way but to introduce Dr Mokashi to the minister and say few deserving words. Not sure this was planned - but this is the best thing that could have happened to our Packaging Guru. Venkat    

    Mar 05, 2012

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