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The Donkeys On The Run And The Packaging Projects


Recently I had been reading abook Tiya : A Parrot's Journey Home by Samarpan. This has been published by HarperCollins Indian in joint venture with India Today group. On page 133, I found an interesting read; The Donkeys on the Run and it says:

"What is there in a donkey's life? What is there in a donkey's life? We were greeted by this monomogue of a trotting donkey at the farm that we had reached. Donkeys are a peculiar breed, they can neither be led by a ring in their nose, nor can they be pulled by a rope round their neck. They can only be driven by a stick from behind, or led forward by their changing moods. Their obstinacy can only be matched with their stupidty, "

So what I find informative here that they can only be driven by a stick from behind . Sometimes that is what I feel is the situation of packaging projects in the company, they are like donkeys and everybody says what is their in packaging and then someone realises the importance and starts using the stick from the top so that projects move. So if we find that our packaging projects are being treated like donkeys then we must not forget that to drive them, we got to be tough and use the stick: means probably needs to push hard.

It was an interesting piece of information for me. You can read more in the book. Book cover is given here.