Delhi Mints Money With Holograms

Delhi Mints Money With Holograms

There is a news item in the Mail Today 3 april 2012 that "Delhi mints money with holograms" It basically taks about how Delhi government has implemented hologram seals to stop spurious liquor. This has resulted more sales as Delhi government thinks it is because of hologram seals. So far they have been buying the hologram seals from private companies and now they intend to buy it from government security printing press in Nashik.

This is the good move as spurious liquor will not be sold but I have my own doubts. The sales might have gone up more because of more liquor outlets and much more free drinking habits and not because of holograms. I did not see any campaign where buyers were educated to look for any hologram security seal but if it working then good news,

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      Sales of any product or service depend up on consumers' buying habits, it has nothing to do with the holograms but of course hologram seal will help preventing counterfeiting up to some extent. So saying hologram seal implementation resulted in higher sales of liquor is not justifiable, its just implementing hologram seals has prevented the practice of illicit trading that brings the diverted money to government's revenues which in turn showed up higher sales figures.

    Apr 04, 2012

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