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Content marketing making footprints in packaging industry

These days we hear a lot about Content Marketing in various verticals, be it entertainment, education, consumer goods or politics.

Print media has always been a favoured area for product suppliers wherein they constantly give ads and promote their products. No doubt this was the most effective way of virtual marketing; however is this really effective for 2020 gen as well?

Well I’m not sure but yes the change can be seen. Here are some interesting info-graphics and statistics (collected from internet ofcourse) that may witness this change.


(2013B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks-North America:CMI/MarketingProfs)

  • Just consider the reach of a traditional media which may be in some thousands and is country / state centric vs a website which is global and have hundred-thousands in reach.
  • Secondly web marketing is simply a click away using your smart phone or a laptop / desktop
  • Content is always dynamic in web marketing
  • You may market your products and brand using various options compared to a static print ads.
  • It could happen through innovations, press release, news, free uploads, blogs, newsletter, interesting landing page and likewise
  • Many online website give features to promote product using their social media reach.
  • As per a study conducted on “global online advertising spending”, it is found that most of the companies are relying on social media for their product promotion and are planning a handsome budget amount for the content marketing promotions
Picture3 (source - Similarly there are many other supporting statics as well. Now being from a packaging industry, a valid question arises - Does Content Marketing have knocked the doors of packaging professionals? Is content really an important parameter for packaging industry?  

Well YES! And believe me, internet is flooded with many case studies wherein packaging products have got lot of success through content marketing (I just tried finding few examples and got soooo many by a simple search – try doing it).



(source -

Brands like Coke, Kellogg’s, Frito, Nescafe, Maggi and many others can be regularly seen on the internet. Guess what they are doing – CONTENT MARKETING for their own products.

Infact packaging suppliers are not lagging behind– I’ve seen videos being shared on Facebook; articles being mentioned in Linked-in; pictures on Pinterest and links in Twitter by companies like TetraPak, Schreiner Medipharm, Bosch, Vinstar, HPT Pharma, EMA Pharma etc

Packaging companies like to interact with their customers – B2B or B2C through these content marketing strategies. Some of the suggested content marketing plans may include



We just have to wait for the right time when packaging industry will witness a BOOM in content marketing. Companies will move out of traditional ways of marketing to meet the expectations of 2020 generation – WELL IN ADVANCE



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    Comment: Really,it is informative article in behalf of Packaging Industry. Content marketing will definitely bring boom in Packaging World.

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