Connecting Innovation With Businesses, Buyers With Suppliers, Products With Packaging!

Connecting Innovation With Businesses, Buyers With Suppliers, Products With Packaging!

Madrid, 11th October 2012: the hub of packaging professional, businesses, suppliers, buyers and innovators is the one-stop destination for all things packaging. The portal has quickly developed into a networking and collaborating tool for professionals in the segment. The outstanding community and the ability to crowd source innovative new solutions, highlight issues and concern relevant to packaging has integrated and enabled packaging industry. The public platform is helping ‘Close the Gap’ in the industry.

“The packaging industry across the globe is very fragmented, this is quite evident in the Indian context. We at want to integrate the industry, connect the isolated groups and individual innovators with business, suppliers with buyers, professionals with businesses. There has been a gulf between supply side and demand side of packaging. We are closing the gap by providing a free for public platform to help integrate every aspect of the industry.”

The gap in the industry is closing fast with the efforts of The portal has been a safe and effective platform for information/resource sharing. The website along with its 94,000+ member base has established itself as a great catalyst for innovations and fantastic resource for packaging students and veterans alike.


Visit: to find solutions for you.


With  greetings from Madrid,

Enjoy Wonders Of Packaging!

Sandeep Goyal


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  • anon
    neha patel (not verified)

    Dear Sir / Madam, We are the manufacturer of Plastics Perfume caps and closures for the packaging If any requirement pls sent us the Cap Drawing so WE can manufacture the  plastics Cap Moulds and then after we are having facility for moulding the perfume packaging. We had develop Moulds for,Flip top caps, Syringe piston cly & its Plunger as per customer design , even we had produce 50lakhs Set Of Syringe products. We are having ability for developing Plastics packaging caps & closures for perfume & pharma Just sent us your Product Design or Samples(5nos), we will manufacture mould as per customs  design and  also having facility to produce the production, pls let us  know your quantity require at We are WINNER for our workmanship Quality as desired by customers throughout world ! Once opporturnity given............ WE CAN OFFER YOU BEST QUOTE EX FACTORY! Pls feel free to contact us as earliest s possible Awaiting for your valuable reply Thanking You Neha Archana Plastics

    Oct 31, 2012

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