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Bridging The Gap: Packaging & Consumers

Bridging the gap a popular game stuck our attention today. The game is very much similar to what we do as packaging professionals. The game involves building a bridge for a train, and sees whether it safely passes the bridge to other side. There is limited material and budget for building the bridge and the train can move at varying speeds.

So the task is to build a secure bridge.exactly what we do at packagingconnections, for us the bridge is packaging. And the train is consumer. Now the task at hand is to survey whether the consumer accepts the packaging or not or has something to say? 

That is what we will help you answer. We are launching “packaging for consumers research program” and need your involvement.

So, let us know the following:


  1. Would you have the packages that need to be researched with consumers?
  2. Would you like to participate as consumers?
  3. Would you be interested in both the above?

And we will help you gap the bridge at a reasonable fee. 

Please send in your nominations at

Happy packaging, happy consumers!

Sandeep goyal