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Blanket ban on plastic bags soon : New Delhi,

What a irony that there is a blanket ban on plastics is proposed which would impact the business of more than 250 million USD but no solutions are proposed. My basic thing is if something is wrong then why allow at the first time , and if it has to be stopped then why not answers to tackle the issue. In today 3rd Oct 2011 Times of india news, it is said that "Blanket ban on plastic bags soon, violators can face 5-year jail" The ban is proposed on all type of plastic bags including non woven.

After the last ban on plastic bags, the non woven industry just started stabilising and then this blow comes. I understand that more than 400 bags manufacturing units are there in the capital. I assume 50 families per manufacturing means 20,000 families would be adversely impacted.

So what is the asnwer you think? I am not able to think any answer except that we go to malls with big cloth bags with us etc?

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  • sales1gszhanhua October 03, 2011 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: Although at the begining people may feel inconvinient in their daily life, and some bag plants I think to ban the plastic bags is a trend. It is just the problem of time. Sooner or later the government will have some laws or regulations to limit the usage of this white pollution.  Our company now develops a new patented bags, totally different from tranditional plastic bags. The raw material is kraft paper, PVA glue, yarn.  Its advantages are high strength, can be recycled easily, anti-aging, etc. It is ideal choice to package cement, agri pulses, chemicals, etc. It is  definately correct to use the green package to reduce the rubbish. We still have a long way to go.

  • Amita October 03, 2011 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: Found this news on TOI website. Hope this might be useful. &#160; Gurgaon-based company claims to have developed biodegradable pack Nov 2, 2011, 11.28AM IST<span>&#160;</span>PTI &#160; NEW DELHI: Close on the heels of the blanket ban of use of plastic packaging in tobacco products by the Supreme Court, a Gurgaon-based company today claimed it has developed a bio-degradable product which could be the answer to all problems of packaging industry in the country. The company claimed the product was developed using natural oil and water-based elastomer and it has already replaced &quot;unfriendly&quot; plastic packaging in certain chocolates, gutka, pan masala, namkeens, chips and other small confectionary products in India. Roidec India Chemicals Pvt Ltd, which developed the product, said its starch based vegetable polyurethane chemical could even be an alternative to producing cheaper and bio-degradable water bottles. The company said the product has been certified by the Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology, Chennai and the Indian Institute of Packaging, Mumbai.

  • Arun Dengla October 03, 2011 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: The blanket ban of use of plastic packaging in tobacco products by the Supreme Court, has had no effect and there is wide rampant use of paper coated with LD packing in the industry, Openly defiying the ban. If this is the state of actual affairs. It is too early to write the Obutary for plastics as a packaging product. How can tobacco products be continued to be packed in plastic packaging. Which is the department incharge to punish the guilty. Tobacco is a very powerful lobby, so they have made a mockery of the supreme court order. Do we need to believe the enforcement authorities are not aware? So should we believe when only bio-degradable plastics are permitted the regular plastics will not be produced? Non wovens are considered by general public as cloth itself. so how will they differentiate from the cloth bags. What kind of education has to be provided. How much sucessfull will this be? We are still trying to educate the public on HIV and other social evils. So i think that we can just relax and stop worrying about such bans and their effectiveness. I know that my remarks are careless but have a truth.

  • Chhavi Aggarwal October 03, 2011 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: The Delhi high court has asked Delhi govt. if any study was conducted before banning manufacturing &amp; use of plastic bags. The bench was hearing a plea filed by All India Plastic Industries Association challenging the Delhi government notification of Oct&#39;23 that imposed a blanket ban on plastic bags from Nov&#39;23. A bench asked the govt. counsel to apprise by Dec&#39;11, the next date of hearing, on what basis it imposed total ban. The court asked -&quot;Unless you say the plastic manufacturing industry is hazardous. how can you ban manufacturing of plastic bags? What is the study you have done before imposing the ban?&quot; Attached is the scanned copy of newspaper article on this discussion&#160;

  • sandeepg October 03, 2011 Log in or register to post comments

    Comment: This topic is active again but no solutions, there is news that non essential items in plastic packaging to be banned but what solutions?

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