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Anti-counterfeiting based on Number system: Securespin

Now there is a scheme in India  for anti-counterfeiting based on number system. This is Information Technology Act 2008 compliant in India and confirms to common principles of Information Technology Acts in countries across the world. This is an overt feature which can also be optionally inter-linked with unique per-piece covert signature. It is consumer verifiable anti-counterfeiting platform ensuring verifiability, auditability and 360 degree accountability.  Other compelling differentiators is that it has counterfeiter honeytrap. It has inbuilt feature of almost real-time fake product identification with fake consumer differentiation.  In case of intentional legal disputes security remains intact. 

One more strong differentiator is that this system doesn't require encryption for data security as end-to-end encryption implies smart phone or software-downloads, which is not affordable by mass. Security architecture is beyond insider threat as Securespin belives that one major source for counterfeiting is information leakage by insiders and that is why all innovative covert pacakging methods eventually fails after sometime.  At the end because of security and element of public trust is in-grained it can give accurate market analytics which comes as bonus benefit. To know more about it, email to

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    Comment: More &amp; more things are happening. Government of India is also realing its importance of counterfeit issues. Read more at <a href=";utm_source=newsletter_daily&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campaign=Newsletter%2BDaily" rel="nofollow">;utm_source=newsletter_daily&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_campaign=Newsletter%2BDaily</a> &#160; So this tells how serious the issue is.

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