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ABC's of Package Tests: Stiffness (Handle-O-Meter)

The Handle-O-Meter stifness tester has a flat plate to hold the specimen over a slot, a bar which forces the film through the slot and a strain gauge to sense the force exerted against the bar by the film sample. 

After film sample is centered across the slot, the bar automatically descends to push the film through the slot against the resistance pf the film. The force necessary is sensed by the strain gauge an indicated on a calibrated meter dial. The maximum value of the force is taken as the Handle-O-Meter stiffness of the material.

Handle-O-Meter stiffness is reported in grams. Stiffness, whether it be reported as Handle-O-Meter or other means such as dynamic tensile modulus, is an important factor in machine operation, since often a material must be pushed and must not yield. Stiffness is the opposite of softness or limpness. Both properties find important application in sales appeal and package use.