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ABC's of Package Tests: Peel Adhesion

Peel adhesion is defined as the force needed to "Peel" an adhesion tape from any given surface whether flexible ,smooth ,or rigid. This "Peel" force is always and only measured across the width of the taped substrate, making it more difficult seprating force to resist. It is important to understand the peel adhesion factor, as it can serve as a guide for choosing the right tape for the application.

Generally the goal of a peel test is to determine the adhesive strength of the material or the strength of the adhesive bond between two materials. This adhesive strength may be referred to as the “stickiness” of a material as it is a measure of the samples resistance to separation from one another after the adhesive has been applied. This measured value may then be used to determine if the adhesive bond is strong enough or too strong for the application and whether a different adhesive or bonding process is needed.

Peel adhesion is reported in KN force. Peel Testers or Peel Testing Machines are universal test machines specially configured to determine the adhesive Peel strength or the strength of the adhesive bond between the materials.