6 Years of PackagingConnections.com and World Packaging Day 24th March

6 Years of PackagingConnections.com and World Packaging Day 24th March

Very happy to share with you that today we complete 6 years of PackagingConnections.com' 6 years of sharing packaging knowledge. This we had been doing through our weekly packaging innovation newsletter Good Morning Packaging and also with various other pieces of information available online all the time. With your continuous support, we have crossed the circulation of our newsletter to more than 75,000 members.

This is just happening with your continuous support and feedback, we are so thankful that we do not even know how to return your support but we will continue to grow this Packaging fraternity and look forward to your inputs all the time.

Incidentally World Packaging Day is also proposed on the same day by Mr B K Karna and we fully support it as this is very close to our heart.

On this historical new begining for the new future, we would give free premium membership to all the people who apply today and particiapte in World Packaging Day celebrations. Please do send your requests to us and also tell your friends whom you think. You can email at

You can also write your comments, upload pictures about World Packaging Day at our blog. The link is

With this Enjoy Wonders of Packaging and also celebrate World Packaging Day,

Sandeep Goyal
Founder & CEO

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  • srinivass011's picture

    Wish You Happy World Packaging Day Thanks & Regards, Srinivas Sukasi Packaging development

    Mar 24, 2012
  • anon
    Vikas Gupta (not verified)

    Congratulations to the entire Packaging connection team for successful completion of  6 years full of Packaging explorations .   Best regards,       Vikas Gupta             Country Manager L & E India Pvt. Ltd.,

    Mar 24, 2012
  • anon
    Adrian Tan (not verified)

    Hi Sandeep, Congratulations on the milestone with Packaging Connections! Extremely impressive achievement! Best regards, Adrian

    Mar 26, 2012
  • anon
    Yaswanth (not verified)

    Wish you happy world packaging Day                and Happy 6th anniversary to packaging connections   Yaswanth Polimetla Packaging Development

    Mar 27, 2012
  • anon
    S Y Prabhu (not verified)

    Congrats for 6th Birthday !! While PC completes 6 years ........... 2 year PGD in Pkg. Technology (in IIP Mumbai) completed 25 years to which we all owe what we are today as we progress in our individual lives. Let God Ganesha bless us. Cheers, Prabhu

    Mar 28, 2012
  • sygnet_consultants011sygnet_consultants's picture

    Congratulations Sandeep and best wishes for glorious years ahead filled with unique innovations and success.   Regards, Vinod Karnik

    Apr 08, 2012

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