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5 reasons you should select Packaging Connections for promoting your business

  1. Widespread network of 100 thousand + packaging members across the globe – Isn’t this is a good number to make your product visible to brand managers, packaging key decision makers and end users.


  1. Our technical expertise in packaging – Through our website, we not just provide your brand a visibility through dynamic banners. We have a team of qualified packaging professionals, so we also talk about technical aspects and applications for your product. We do this through our 360 degree visibility plans by creating specialized landing pages, technical product blogs, news, press releases, whitepapers, product innovations, seller offers, and event participations.


  1. We are socially very active – So instead of just providing our website for your product promotion, we also have active groups on Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Xing; with a total network strength of 75K unique members. Also we have lot of interesting technical discussions that happen on our Linked-In group which make us one of the preferred groups in packaging industry.


  1. Customized monthly reports – We provide complete transparency and customer satisfaction through customized reports. This could include monthly trackers, banner hits, content analytics, unique visitors, comments on posts, social media engagement, hits on posts, coverage in our weekly newsletter and many more.


  1. We don’t do mass mails – This could be the requirement of some companies. But basis our experience, we believe in creating content and talking about the technicalities rather than doing mass mails. We send our weekly newsletter rich in packaging content, but we never send paid product centric mass mails. Our clients gets visibility through our multiple content creation which get reflected in our newsletters.