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Information on Fill Level

In order to prevent leakage of the bulk through the orifice, while snapping the pump on the container, listed fill levels in the table below should not be exceeded.
By extreme under filling an air pocket is created between bulk and the bottom side of the pump, which can result in higher amount of strokes to prime. High under filling or big air inclusions within the bulk can lead to leakage problems during the airfreight. In order to avoid the air inclusions we suggest using a diving fill nozzle.

Following piston positions are available:

Maximal / Optimal Fill Level
Model fill level Standard Fill Level ( piston position at 3 mm )
Micro 20 ml 23,9 ml
Micro 30 ml 33,4 ml
Micro 40 ml 45,1 ml
Micro 50 ml 54,5 ml
( based on density 1,0 g/ml )
The residual amount in the system is approx. 1 ml.

Source of publish data : Aptar internal research & publish data.

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