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Pronounced as my-sell-er, Beauty brands like Garnier, Lancôme, etc have caught up to the trend and introduced masses to its goodness.

When did it all begin?

Micellar water was invented by Parisians as a substitute to the notoriously hard water of France which was extremely harsh on skin and would damage the skin to the point of break out. Hence, Micellar water was introduced which looked and felt just like water but had the ability to remove make up, cleanse, and tone with just a few light swipes of a cotton ball.

What is Micellar Water?

Micellar water looks like water, has the viscosity of water but when you put it on finger and feel, it has a different texture. Micellar Water is a combination of purified water, hydrating ingredients (like glycerine) and low concentration of extremely mild surfactants. These mild surfactants group together to form microscopic spheres called micelles. The idea is that micelles are attracted to dirt and oil, so they are able to draw impurities without drying out the skin.

Why Micellar Water?

Micellar water is a super gentle skin care product which has the ability to remove make up, cleanse and tone with just a few light swipes of a cotton ball. With micelles water, even the toughest waterproof make up, melts cleanly off the skin with zero irritation. They contain no alcohol, and are comprised of only dirt loving micelle molecule that attach to make up and debris to break it down.

Water versus Foaming cleansers - Oil droplets in soft water are actually quite hydrating to dry skin and do not disrupt the natural pH of the skin like foaming cleansers. Harsh surfactants in cleansers can cause irritation, barrier damage, dryness, tightness and even itch. Unlike these cleansers, Micellar water does not sting as it does not contain alcohol or drying surfactants.

Micellar water versus Toners - Micellar water are able to maintain the skin barrier integrity. Harsher product like Toner with alcohol can disrupt the skin barriers and over dry sensitive skin

How does it work?

They work like a miniature sponge, mopping up dirt and make up while hydrating your skin i.e. when you wipe a cotton ball soaked with cleanser along your face, the micelles adhere to the cotton while pulling makeup, sebum, and any other daily unpleasantness off the skin. The formulas are so light and gentle that there is no need to rinse them off, which means that the moisturizing ingredients can stay behind to be absorbed. Therefore, micellar water can be used as facial wash, make up remover and moisturizer all in one.

What for?

Apart from removing make up and cleansing the face, micellar water can offer many more benefits. Some of them are outlined below:

It’s a multitasker - An all-in–one product, with micellar water you won’t have to use a separate cleanser, make up remover and a moisturiser. Micellar waters are able to cleanse and hydrate the skin while enhancing its flexibility, smoothness and softness.

Its travel friendly - can be used any time of the day without any hassle of location or purpose

It can make the skin glow - hydration makes the skin glow and luminous and this hydration is provided by Micellar water.

It can help in acne treatment – by helping remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells from your face, Micellar water lessen the chances of your pores being clogged, which is the reason that acne forms.

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