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Sudesh Zamwar
Packaging Connections Team, Going thru this portal found this as a unique platform to share your ideas and challenges..It is a good way to stop & think about key points of packaging.Great Initiative! Good Luck !

Sudesh Zamwar, Area Manager

Milton PET - Mumbai
Rajendra Kumar
Packaging Connections creates a platform for packaging community to interact and packaging suppliers to enable online promotion.

Rajendra Kumar, Product Manager

Sanex Packaging Connections Pvt.Ltd, Gurgaon
R P Joshi
Packaging Connections is turning out to be good for the instrumentation professionals, want to provide their services to this community.

R P Joshi, CEO

Radhika Scientific, Haldwani (Uttarakhand)
R P Joshi
A complete solution for packaging related testings and trainings. R&D / QC

R P Joshi, CEO

Radhika Scientific, Haldwani (Uttarakhand)
Dr. Raj Mehta
Hi Sandeep, packaging connection is great and has lots of articles on Indian market as well as what innovation is taking place in Indian packaging industry. I think this service you are providing to packaging people is wonderful and bring them close. great job.

Dr. Raj Mehta, printing, packaging

Standard Register, Dayton, Ohio, USA
Prafull V. Deshpande
Its unique platform for packaging professionals. It gives valuable information about packaging materials, machines, suppliers and manufacturers etc. As a pharma packaging professional I appreciate sandeep sir's way of thinking for creating such a nice innovation. thanks a lot..!

Prafull V. Deshpande, Associate Scientist - Packaging Development

Lupin Research Park, Aurangabad (M.S.)
Venkatasubramanian Swaminathan
Dear Sandeep, Since I have just got the access to this site again after a couple of years (due to misplaced password), I am onto this site everyday. I would like to congratulate on your initiative in this regard. This site is very informative, organized with very easy to understand language. It helps to to keep the packaging professionals updated on the latest. And honestly, it keeps one (atleast myself) refreshed on packaging fundas (eg. MAP fundamentals which i have studied over 20 years back). Keep up the good work !

Venkatasubramanian Swaminathan, Head - Packaging Development

Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Ahmedabad
Sachin Patil
This is really a good connect between suppliers and buyers for packaging needs. I could fetch out many references of packaging development head/professional to help my business. Thank you, I felt like being helped by you.

Sachin Patil, Sales Manager

Volpak Packaging Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Indranil Saha
A very good Platform to showcase the the recent development and innovation in the Packaging World on regular basis. All the best to the full team..keep it up.

Indranil Saha, Manager Packaging Development

Marico Ltd, Mumbai
Chhavi Aggarwal
Dear Sandeep sir! You efforts in making this website dedicated to the "Universe of Packaging" are really appreciable. In our busy schedule where we sometimes miss an important event or an innovation, this website is just a click aways to update our knowledge for the recent events undergoing/schedule to happen in our industry. Hats off to you and your team for cotinuous efforts in making this conection a success:) All the best Chhavi Aggarwal

Chhavi Aggarwal, Manager-Packaging & Business Development

Reliance Industries Ltd. - Delhi


Davinder Singh
Dear Sandeep, 'Packaging Connections' is unique as it allows all stakeholders of packaging industry to collaborate without boundaries. My congratulations to you and your team for the same. I am sure lot of efforts would have gone into starting this. The results are worth the efforts put in. I encourage my packaging team to constantly visit packaging connections site. I would support others as well to do same. Best wishes! Regards, Davinder Singh

Davinder Singh, Business Head - Beverages

CavinKare Pvt. Ltd.
Maneesh Sharma
Dear Sandeep,No where in the world one can find the combination of simplicity of human being (You and your team) making people connected with one of the most sophisticated ,practical , high end technology led platform to gain knowledge ,have freedom as well as fun to express combined with excellence in packaging.It is truly a world class setup which everyone can relate to and thanks for all the efforts and may God bless you to reach further peaks of success as you care for others. Regards, Maneesh

Maneesh Sharma, Head Packaging Development

Dabur India Limited
Shilpa Mahale
This is great platform for professionals like us. Thanks Mr.Sandeep for great initiatives!!!

Shilpa Mahale, Senior Packaging Executive

Bayer Cropsciende Limited, India
Anirban Mukherjee
You have a clear sense of your prime prospect, are offering the right kind of product, are the first of your kind in India - this is the marketplace of the future ; kudos to the Packaging connections team for the vision to spark this off & the tenacity to drive it in the face of continued adversity. Being the change leaders, the challenge for you is to be ahead of yourselves & continue to be innovation leaders. Should you be successful in growing & nurturing this culture of innovation; I can see that in not the very distant future, Packaging connections also will be the incubator for new ideas & packaging professionals. My Best, Anirban.

Anirban Mukherjee, Asia technology leader - Package/ Process & Formulation development

P&G International Operations Pte. Ltd, Singapore
Kulvir Singh Rohil
Dear Sandeep, Its great work from your end. It has helped in bring together all packaging manufacturers & users at one platform for betterment of every one. It gives an opportunity to all new comers & existing players to deliver best quality product with best packaging innovation to ultimate customer, in short 100% value for money for the final customer. Regards K S Rohil

Kulvir Singh Rohil, Manager - Marketing & Packaging Development

Active Printpack Pvt. Ltd., Tronica City, Ghaziabad
Sukhdev Singh Saini
Hi Thanks for the newsletter. Its a great read. Continue the good work.

Sukhdev Singh Saini, Manager - Packaging Design & Innovation

GlaxoSmithKline, Gurgaon
kumar shekhar
Comprehensive way to get updated.

kumar shekhar, trainee

jubilant organosys ltd. roorkee
Disha Aggarwal
Sandeep Sir, It's a great initiative taken by your team to connect various geographically spread packaging professionals to this dynamic packaging world. Packaging Connections keeps us updated about packaging innovations & events around the world. Its newsletters are very informative & have become habit forming for me. Wish your team Great Success in the years ahead!

Disha Aggarwal, Research Scientist - Packaging Development

Jubilant Organosys Ltd., R&D Centre - Noida
Sandeep Puri
I had technical discussions with Sandeep Goyal in the distant past for Tata Group of Companies and found him to be very knowledgeable and an accreditted professional in the field of Packaging Industy in India. I wish him all the best.

Sandeep Puri, Senior General Manager - Projects

Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.
Sanal Kwatra
Packaging Connections is an Invaluable resource for Entreprenuers , Research & development Professionals into the Packaging The Industry Is Undergoing a rapid Transfomation phase, & experiencing a growth that is nearly thrice to that of Our GDP & the same is expected to Happen for the coming 10 years & with this is coming beyond border opprtunities & challenges that entails you to not only equipped with the Technical skills but also understandthe current & future global trends. Packaging connection is doing exactly that, I appreciate the level of commitment , the team has shown to keep us all apprised and abreast with all that..

Sanal Kwatra, Business Development Executive

Siegwerk India ( New Delhi )
s.balaji iyer
Packaging connection is the connector in between packaging professionals and company, it makes us one family to grow our progress and innovations. Build our countris economy by boosting our trade in packaging.

s.balaji iyer, producion manager

crystal containers, mumbai
Krishna Kanta
Dear Sandeep Goyal, It is heartening to know that is now accredited with ISO certification. It is really a very useful portal for all organizations having a packaging function. This site brings together all the different constituents of the packaging industry – users, suppliers, technologists, professionals, certifiers, event managers and advisors on to the same platform. The latest developments in this vertical are also well covered in the newsletter section. Email consulting – as advertised in your FAQs is a very appealing concept to many organizations that are looking for basic solutions but cannot find the means or methods to do so. All in all, a very informative read for those looking to improve the quality of their finished goods or reduce cost on packaging. The possibilities for this excellent site are endless. I wish this site all the very best in its endeavors. Regards,

Krishna Kanta, Head Plant Operations

Shriram Polytech, DCM Shriram Consolidated Limite, Kota
Ajay Rohilla
Its a great initiative to bring all packaging professionals together on a common plateform.Would like to thank Sandeep for providing such a valuable gift to packaging fraternity.

Ajay Rohilla, R&D Associate

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), Mumbai, India
Raman Sharda
I really appreciate the concept behind it which has made the website suitable for all packaging professionals whether they are into user / buyer / or a student. It’s a great combination of Knowledge and social networking. This is a great effort done my the Packaging Connection Team. Congrats to Mr. Sandeep Goyal and his Team

Raman Sharda, Sr. Executive Packaging/Marketing

ITW India Limited
Saikat Acharya
Dear Sandeep; It’s an excellent exposure to the packaging concepts, experience and discoveries. ‘Let others learn and experience for themselves’ Regards,

Saikat Acharya, Manager-Packaging Development

Bhavin Kachhia
Packaging is a one of the important factor in every field and this site is useful to everyone. In short this is a complete and comprehensive site for all packaging professionals.

Bhavin Kachhia, Dy. Manager, Packaging Development

Amneal Pharmaceuticals Co. (India) Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad
"Packaging connections does justice to its name. Their expert technical support and prompt, courteous service make them The BEST choice for customers worldwide" Cheers Amita and Team For persistantly thinking beyond excellence

valleesha, Design engineer

CICB-Chemicon, Bangalore, india
Hello PackagingConnections team, Excellent updates on recent packaging innovations on regular basis. This website is complete & comprehensive information resource for wide arena of packaging technology. Really good job, do keep it up.


Doshi Pragnesh
Comprehensive way to get updated.

Doshi Pragnesh, Manager Marketing

General Metallisers Limited
If any day you don't have time to search for updates in world packaging, you get the same from Only you have to take out time to read those. Mr. Sandip Goyal has taken a historical step in the world of Packaging in India & he has become example for all IIPan.


Rajiv Dhar
Going through the site it appears to me that Sandeep and his team is actually at their best and I am pretty sure they are the happiest lot too. I am reminded of what I have read of Earl Nightingale We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy, on the journey toward the goal we've established for ourselves. It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep. It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile I have found the site very useful though have not been able to use greatly due to time constraints. Keep up the good work.

Rajiv Dhar, Director

Indian Institute of Packaging
Packagingconnections website is great and its more useful for every packaging people.

Mallikarjuna, Packaging Development

Visiontek, Hyderabad
Dear Sandeep, Packaging Connection is an excellent site, all information and services are easily available need not to see any where else, Good job, Looks impressive and purposeful, It is nice to know we have specialist in this subject on hand to help, you are specialist in the sub Excellent job is doing go Ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ajay, Marketing Manager

Sandeep, This is truly a very informative site that you have constructed. My heartiest congratulations. I know where to look for when I need information about packaging.Best Wishes! Ajit

Ajit, Chief Engineer

Samsung, Bangalore
Vijay b Ghuge
Well i am SIES School of packaging,nerul packaging student....I have seen this website and its more useful for study/project/jobs/intership/ and lot more things...... I would like to thanks to sandeep goyal sir..... its really hard to get the packaging world on internet.... thanks... regards VijayGhuge (SIES SCHOOL OF PACKAGING/Positive packaging industries ltd khopoli)

Vijay b Ghuge, currently Student of POST GRADUATE TEch of packging printing science

Positive packaging ltd,khopoli/SIES SCHOOL OF PACKAGING,NERUL
Pramod Patni
Good job. Looks impressive and purposeful.

Pramod Patni, Partner

GM Kapadia & Co. (Financial Consultants & Auditing Firm)
Anand Sarkar
It is a good move and timely given the increasing complexity and focus on packaging. The website is comprehensive; though need to be made bit more user friendly. To ensure the utility of the website, please continue update the content regularly as you are doing now .

Anand Sarkar, Vice President - Packaging Development

Pepsi Foods
Sameer Mehendale
A Complete & Comprehensive site for all Packaging Professionals.

Sameer Mehendale, Senior Manager Packaging Innovations

Science and Technology Centre, Cadbury India Limited
Dr Vinod Karnik
It is quite an interesting and exhaustive site. It encompasses a wide range of packaging issues and I am certain it would benefit a cross-section of end-users. Packaging is gaining a significant position in every aspect of business development and is yet to be understood by some of the medium size organisations. Your site will most certainly assist those who are looking forward to take major steps to enhance their businesses.

Dr Vinod Karnik, -------

Hemant Kumar Ruia
Packaging is one of the more neglected areas in a procurement function. In most of the industries, there are no robust specifications and the packaging is either over engineered or under engineered. Also, packaging is an industry where there are a lot of good but small players about whom the procurers do not know. This website does a commendable job of bringing all the players under one roof and the icing on the cake is that it also gives you professional help to better your packaging while saving on cost. I look forward to seeing more innovations on this site.

Hemant Kumar Ruia, Chief Financial Officer

Agro Tech Foods Limited, Secunderabad (India)
Ms. Neelam Lalwani
Good extracts which serve as easy reference.

Ms. Neelam Lalwani, General Manager(Packaging)

Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ahmedabad
Priyanka Luthra
Good Morning Packaging newsletter is very informative & keeps us updated about the research & developments in packaging field. It is very well said that: 1)Power does not comes from knowledge but from knowledge shared 2) So this newsletter is a means of sharing the information with everyone.

Priyanka Luthra, (Research Associate � Packaging Development)

Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Krishnamurthy Ramachandran
A great endeavour from Sandeep in bringing the global packaging community under one roof. Well done and keep up the good work.

Krishnamurthy Ramachandran, Director-Sales and Marketing

Positive Packaging Industries Ltd
Ashutosh Agrawal
Dear Mr. Sandeep Goyal, I am a regular reader of your " weekly news" and found them very informative and interesting.I think, this is the only site which is dedicated towards complete solution of packaging and providing useful technical and management articles. I wish you all the success to you and your team.

Ashutosh Agrawal, Head Sales & Marketing

Obeetee Textiles P Ltd, New Delhi
B K Karna
Packaging connections newsletter has become a need for me. If I am out of the netlink on Tuesday, I feel something missing in my way of thinking. Packaging connections is the good electronic library for packaging professionals. Packaging is the Power for the Product where as Packaging Connections is energy for the serious reader. I wish very best to the team

B K Karna, Dy. Director (Regional Head)

Indian Institute of Packaging, Hyderabad (India)
Arvind Sharma
Dear Sandeep, This website is a new innovation in term of providing information (updated),professional advice, material resources for almost all the materials required in the industry. It gives the information which can be used while other site gives so much of information which can not be used. News letter is like you cannot live without it. Great job!

Arvind Sharma, General Manager - Supply Chain

Pizzahut (Devyani International Limited )
Santosh Das
Packagingconnenctions is becoming the encyclopedia for packaging professionals. Appreciate the effort of Sandeep to make it possible. The site design is excellent, user friendly and comprehensive.

Santosh Das, Head, Packaging Development

Aurobindo Pharma Limited, Hyderabad
Maneesh Sharma
Sanex means interactive ,informative, innovative and very useful Crystal ball to enter into facinating world of packaging. virtually to make difference in life of all the people this touches.In future also this website will remain on the cutting edge due to person like Sandeep behind this.This is very useful for me and my team.

Maneesh Sharma, Head - Pkg. Development

Dabur India Ltd.,Ghaziabad
Dhirendra Singh
Sanex Packaging Website is a very interective, Motivative, Innovative and giving very excellent Idea for New Package Development Era.

Dhirendra Singh, Leader - Packaging Development

Harish Kumar

I would like to thanks Sandeep, who share packaging connection information to me. Fantastic and creative initiative taken by him. Packaging connection is like we are sitting round the table and sharing information to each other. Packaging connections is becoming the encyclopedia for packaging.

Harish Kumar

Harish Kumar, Country Buyer-Packaging and Mkt Comm.

Motorola India Ltd
Vinod Agarwal
"In the busy world of the packaging industry it is nice to know we have specialist in this subject on hand to help. Sandeep is a super-specialist in the subject who has always been able to come up with cost saving solutions to any packaging related problem . It is nice to deal with a specialist who has knowledge in both the Manufacturing sector and who also appreciates the cost implications on the final product . This team goes to great lengths to understand our business and work with us to ensure we always have the most competitive packaging solution."

Vinod Agarwal, Director Finance

Ultra Motor India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
Consumerism, Urbanisation , Globalisation, nuclear families, aging population, convenience etc etc are a few trends that we are all familiar with in varying degrees, depending on which part of the world we are in. Plus the strides made by advances in science and technology, put a difficult dimension to keep pace with developments and trends globally. More so for a multi-disciplinary field like Packaging technology. A professional packaging technologist, as we all know, needs to keep as much on top of these developments as possible to able to add real value for oneself and also to their organisation. We all know, that there very few places of real packing expertise from where one could draw ready-made information for the day-to-day requirements. Even when they are available they cater to one or two needs at a time. It is extremely uncommon to find places that serve as one-stop-shops for packaging information. Sandeep's endeavour in creating this website is truly commendable and a mutually beneficial service to the packaging community. He is, as many know, a formally educated packaging technologist with a competitive breath and depth of industry experience. So, it is no surprise that the website offers a user friendly interface. I think he has done his bit and it is up us (as packaging practitioners) to use and co-create a even more powerful medium. I recommend using this website and urge keen seekers of information to put this site to utmost test. I believe Sandeep and his website will go to a great extent to fully satisfy your needs. I wish Sandeep and all users the very best. Kudos to you Sandeep.

P.S.Lakshmanan, Global Packaging Manager

Unilever Plc. United Kingdom.
Parul Jain
Packaging Connections provides a challenging, fun and fast-paced work environment that is very satisfying to the naturally inquisitive. The breadth of projects that I get to work on is fantastic. I'm challenged daily with finding the information that best suits our clients' needs. Packaging Connections' clients have come to rely on our insight, creativity, access to unique packaging sources and thoroughness. The company has grown tremendously since I started here and it is rewarding to see its growth and know that I have been a part of it. I am interested and excited to see where the company can go from here.

Parul Jain, Product Manager

Sanex Packaging Connections Pvt Ltd
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